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Default Re: Palin Ft Bragg Visit Opened To Media, With Restrictions

Originally Posted by dabateman View Post
The condition of the facility is irrelevant. The effects of keeping people at the facility alive allows them to be reasons to continue the fight. If they died on the battlefield we wouldn't have this issue. An assertion you've yet to correct.
Just how stupid are you? Sorry I can't grasp your logic... Your not stupid but thatis the first word that came to mind...

You think they will stop fighting the USA if we close it?

Man some of you people need your head opened and filled with anything but the foolishness that it contains...

So your suggesting we take no POW's. Just kill them and be done.

That having the elder male or younger brother, cousin etc., die and the fact we support Israel is what motivates them the most... Oh and the HATE they have for any outsider yes the HATE is the worst part of it.

Truly a real nice religion when that much HATE is allowed by the entire body of the religion...

Gee I am sorry as I was about to close this thread out I re-read the title. A bit off topic aren't we.... So I shall just unsubscribe for this Palin at Ft. Bragg thread.

Improvise - Adapt - Over Come...

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