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Default Re: Palin Ft Bragg Visit Opened To Media, With Restrictions

Originally Posted by dabateman View Post
I want us to fight a war if we're going to fight a war or we should quit calling it a f*cking war! If we aren't going to treat it like a war it's nothing but a police action and where to the results of police actions get tried? Civilian courts.

As far as Kosovo is concerned there were no line of fire casualties. There wasn't a need for it. We went in and secured the country and performed surgical strikes. The same has not been true with Iran or Afghanistan.

The American public has lost the will to win because for the 7 years the war went on we had a leader that was unwilling to win. Period.

And now we're stuck with his mess and cleaning up his failed police action. I'm going to refuse to call them wars from now on because they weren't fought as a war.
Funny I could have sworn that it was our military over there not our cops and detectives.

You STILL got that Kosovo stuff backwards. We did NOT send in ANY troops until the war was over. Heck we even repainted our jets so that they were "NOT AMERICAN" while they were bombing CIVILIAN targets.

Now as for the WARS in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have not lost our "will to win". We fought we WON. It is you progressives that INSISTED that we had to stay to "fix it". Somehow we did manage to "mostly fix" Iraq (but with our "new plan" it will start deteriorating rapidly quite soon) (also because of Iran's proximity and proclivities it was a good idea to stay). The "war" did not "go on for seven years". The EXTRA crap for you progressives has COST US DEARLY for seven years. We could have quite easily just "killed anything in our way" for this entire time but no we LIMITED ourselves.
Now that the wars are over and we want to "leave" could you please explain to me WHY the UN hasn't moved in and kept things under control? They are inept, just like ALL progressive institutions and ideas.
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