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Default Re: Palin Ft Bragg Visit Opened To Media, With Restrictions

Originally Posted by dabateman View Post
IF it's a war, then we don't show compassion. We win. They didn't show compassion in the 9/11 attacks. Bringing them back to American facilities only prolongs the problem.
The "length" of the "problem" is not our making nor is it under our control. I would say however that we sure found a GREAT solution in all aspects except for idiot progressives wanting to complain and then make EVERYTHING about it worse with their bass ackwards "solutions".

Where we choose to put our "detention facilities" has no "illegalities" UNTIL you bring combatants into a STATE of our Union. I suggested perhaps "one of the poles" but you progressives would howl even louder about that than you do about Gitmo. Perhaps in orbit?
You have suggested that we should just kill them "there". Well then, When did they get that "field evaluation" or "judicial review" as you progressives insist. And I ask again, Just burn them or put a bullet in their head to "finish them"? And what do we do with the cowards waving a white flag?
There are massive chasms in your logic.
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