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Default Re: Palin Ft Bragg Visit Opened To Media, With Restrictions

Originally Posted by Sulayman View Post
If you agree with me that these prisoners are enemy combatants why do you not support trying them by military tribunal as has been done for the last 220 years? Obama can't give a logical reason for trying them in New York. Maybe you can.
Because they aren't representatives of a nation, the don't count as enemy combatants under the law. That's the real problem. We could get a way with taking action on foreign soil in the heat of battle, but we can't get away with bringing them back to US possession and holding them without charge.

This isn't a war in the sense that it's a state versus a state and so the rules for police actions apply. In that sense, the civilian courts end up sorting a great deal of it out.
Continue that line of reasoning, Muffin... I'm judging you. Harshly.

You get the respect you give. And if you're a Republican, you b*tch about paybacks being a b*tch. So sorry you're mad your guy is getting the respect you gave ours, Snowflakes.
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