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Default Re: Palin Ft Bragg Visit Opened To Media, With Restrictions

Originally Posted by mytmouse57 View Post
It's not "coddling." It's this little thing called due process of law -- which is actually profoundly Amercian, and something our troops have fought and died for on more than one occassion. It's supposed to be difficult to prosecute somebody in this country. You know -- that whole burden of proof is on the state/prosecution thing. It protects us all.
It was/is easy to prosecute people in places like Nazi Germany and Red China. Would you rather live in a society like that?

He'll be put on trial. Given the overwhelming evidence, he'll found guilty and then executed.
That's hardly coddling.
Boy your swif in your justice... His lawyer has said he is mentally unfit.. So a nice stay in some mental hospital might be the result...

But that is another thread....... This is about that gal you liberals fear. Palin.

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