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Default Re: Gunman kills 19 children in Texas school rampage

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
Every country has "psychos," but only the US has the number and frequency of these sorts of mass killings.

I doubt those other countries sit there and talk about these mass murderers for weeks on end.Perhaps the media should quit glorifying mass murderers.

As research suggests that violence, particularly gun carnage, can be contagious, some experts are calling for an end to blanket media coverage of mass shootings, saying it can provide potential shooters with a chance of fame, scorecards with which to compare one another and even blueprints for carrying out attacks.
Recently a contagion effect, similar to a “copycat” effect, has been suggested in mass shootings. This effect suggests that behaviors can be “contagious” and spread across a population. In the example of mass shootings, a contagion effect would be said to exist if a single mass shooting incident increased the likelihood of other instances of mass shootings in the near future. Contagion has been documented across a variety of other behaviors, including airplane hijackings,2 smoking cessation,3 and binge eating,4 and has been well researched in relation to suicide.5,6 There is now evidence that when a mass shooting occurs, there is a temporary increase in the probability of another event within the next 13 days on average.7

The Don't Name Them campaign encourages media, law enforcement and public information officers to move their focus from the shooters/attackers to the victims and heroes.

But why?

Take this quick test --

Do you remember the University of Texas Tower Shooting in Austin, Texas in 1966?

How about the Columbine High School Shooting in Littleton, Colorado in 1999?

Virginia Tech Shooting in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2007?

Or the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012?

Can you name the shooter(s) in any of these instances?

In any group we speak with, someone can name the shooters.
But few, if any, can name even one of the victims - or the heroes who stopped the killings.

The University of Texas Tower - Austin, TX

Some shooters/attackers are motivated by a desire for fame, notoriety, and/or recognition. When the media focuses on the suspect, they provide this fame, notoriety and recognition. Time and again, families of victims have plead with media to stop sensationalizing the names of the shooters. In many cases, their voices are heard.

The problem is the ready availability of guns. We need to make it much, much harder for people to buy guns.
Countries that banned guns did not really see a reduction of murders and mass murders. The only thing a gun ban did in those countries was change the weapon used to murder people. The UK and Australia still has the same amount of murders and mass murders they did before they banned guns.
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