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Default Re: Biden gives up on Covid

Originally Posted by Jeerleader View Post
It is exceedingly difficult to compose a reasoned defense of an unreasoned premise / position.

That inability to logically process what one believes (IOW, holding a position only as an emotional construct) is very frustrating which leads to anger when one is challenged to defend their position (or like in this case, has no interest in contributing but feels a narcissistic obligation to insert themselves into the conversation).

That insertion of unreasoned /illogical emotion by those floundering trying to defend the indefensible, (sadly, to themselves), only consists of mocking the position of one's opponent and misrepresenting their position, characterized as "sarcasm" so they can walk away from the discussion convinced of their incredible intelligence, of course without demonstrating any.


If Trump had made this comment while POTUS, he would have been impeached. Also, if we had run out of Covid tests while Trump was in office,
he would have been impeached for that also.

But the left gives Biden passes on both of these important issue.
Political Correctness, is Fascism masquerading as manners - George Carlin.
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