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Default Re: Supply Issues” Pause UK Ivermectin Trial as Merck Lands $2.2B US Govt. Contract f

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
Since Invermectin is no longer recommended for use to treat COVID in India because it hasn't been shown to have any beneficial effect, it's availability (or lack thereof) won't affect COVID mortality there.
Ivermectin in low doses administered to the severely ill doesn't save 100% of patients. Therefore it has to be banned for COVID treatment. Meanwhile the Merck miracle drug with a whole 30% effectiveness gets a huge taxpayer contract then FDA approval in that order. But don't you dare question the cozy payoff to a mega corporation.

The Merck miracle drug acts a mutagen, introducing an error into the DNA copying mechanism so the virus produces null copies that eventually overwhelm the viable ones. The problem is the same one as with Russian roulette the odds are against a fatal disaster just as they are against the mutagen producing a super bug but the consequences could be worse than the black plague. But never mind, the so-called scientists at the FDA approved it, it's worth the risk for 30% effectiveness.
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