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Default As parents protest critical race theory, students fight racist behavior at school

As parents protest critical race theory, students fight racist behavior at school

During the first week of October, Brooklyn Edwards was in the school gymnasium during her lunch period when she said a classmate took a piece of cotton out of his pocket, tossed it on the ground and told her to pick it.
pick this, you mo fo
Brooklyn, 15, described the incident a month later at the Johnston County, North Carolina, school board meeting. She said she’d dealt with racist bullying frequently as a Black student at Princeton Middle/High School, in a majority-white small town southeast of Raleigh. Classmates called her racial slurs, she said, including in front of teachers who failed to react. One classmate suggested she kill herself, so she might be reborn as a white girl, Brooklyn said.
“It’s bad enough we have to deal with racism in the real world. We shouldn’t have to deal with it in school,” she told the school board, pleading with them to investigate racial harassment in the district. “I’m speaking up for the ones that are too scared to speak up for themselves.”
Yes, I will take up her cause, by golly.
The IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%. Meanwhile, the richest 1% have been able to evade as much as $163 billion a year in taxes. These things are directly connected.
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