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Default Re: Is it time to disband the U.S.?

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
I was having a discussion with Sulayman about it being time to break up the union. The country is split in two. And we can't seem to work together at all anymore.

So he figures the right should keep the red states and the left takes the blue. I agree. Why should we rot from being frozen in a partisan divide that is only getting worse? The right wants their own country I say give it to them
There's a problem with your analysis, and it's the same one we had with the civil war...

The blue states cannot SURVIVE without the red states...

Materials used in blue state factories come from red state geography...Just like cotten from the confederacy supplied the union's industrial complex...

If you REALLY want it that way, have a blast...But the new country of red states would hold all of the cards to the new blue states' countries' economy...Liberals wouldn't last 18 months...

Add to that the fact that "blue states" would supply entitlements to their citizens because they believe the government exists to take care of them while the "red states" would let individuals invest as their choosing, you can probably cut that 18 months in half...
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