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Default Re: Is it time to disband the U.S.?

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
I was having a discussion with Sulayman about it being time to break up the union. The country is split in two. And we can't seem to work together at all anymore.

So he figures the right should keep the red states and the left takes the blue. I agree. Why should we rot from being frozen in a partisan divide that is only getting worse? The right wants their own country I say give it to them

As a matter of principle, I am not unalterably opposed to the idea (although such splits are often the result of determinist doctrine, combined with an anti-assimmilationist sentiment; which I find highly distasteful).

As a practical matter, however, I am unsure how even the most amicable divorce might work. After all, there are some conservatives in Massachusetts and some progressives in Georgia. Would they simply be forced to move to a state more congenial to their own views, or else accept the new reality, in which they would be hopelessly outnumbered?

Moreover, not all blue states are contiguous, and not all red states are contiguous either. So we would have something of a hodgepodge comprising the two nascent countries.

And then there is always the problem of what to do with the many purple states...
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