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Default The latest on China and Taiwan

It has been only a few day, now, since China boldly violated Taiwan's air space, in a blatant attempt at intimidation.

I almost wish that mainland China would go ahead, and bomb Taiwan.

Yes, the stock market would then drop precipitously; we might even see a four-digit Dow instead of the five digits that we have long been accustomed to.

And we would be engaged in the early stages of WWIII.

So from those standpoints, it would not be a happy thought.

But I simply detest intimidations. And bullying.

My thought is--and always has been--if hostility is what you truly want, then bring it on. Don't hold back. Regardless of the ramifications.

Oh, and I sincerely believe that we should end our "complicated" relationship with China. (That is an adjective that I have heard ad nauseum.)

We should stop--entirely!--trading with China.

And we should, furthermore, stop trading with any country that either sells goods to China or purchases goods from China.

If we were to grade it on a one-to-ten scale, with one indicating thoroughgoing appeasement, and ten indicating outright hostility, I think I would prefer about a 9.5...
"In his second inaugural address, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt sought 'unimagined power' to enforce the 'proper subordination' of private power to public power. He got it…"—George Will, July 8, 2007
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