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Default Re: New poll stuffed with 'bad news' for Biden, Democrats

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Actually, I would expect Republicans to win big in the 2022 congressional midterms--especially in the House--since the party not in power in the White House has done very well in almost all off-year elections, ever since 1948.

And given the fact that Biden is polling very poorly now as concerning most subjects--and the further fact that Independents (who are really the all-important swing voters) seem much closer to the Republicans now than they are to the Democrats, according to the polls--I would imagine that Democrats are headed for a disaster in 2022.

And this is especially so if Biden does not make a mid-course correction (as Bill Clinton did in 1996).

If the same voting system is used we will never win again...

50 state audits and jail time

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