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Default Re: Maricopa County Admits They *Deleted* Election Data Before the Arizona Audit

Originally Posted by OldMercsRule View Post
Watch: Arizona Official *Loses It* After Maricopa County Admits They *Deleted* Election Data Before the Arizona Audit

"A U.S. House Committee for Oversight and Reform hearing on the Arizona election review exploded into fireworks after a Maricopa County election official admitted that the county officials effectively deleted election data from materials turned over to auditors after receiving a legal subpoena from the Arizona Senate."

Marxists: move along... nothin' ta see here... burp...

The same technique of destroying evidence then braying "there is no evidence" to cover up the IRS campaign of political repression, Hillary's illegal email server and now AZ election fraud. Ya gotta love the election official trying to justify defying the subpoena with "we discussed which files were going to be archived" as if bureaucrats not elected officials are in charge.

The Democrats have fully embraced Stalin's dictum of the people who cast the votes decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything. Useful idiots like Congressman Raskin don't care anything about election corruption as long as the Democrat wins.
If Democrats were confident their nominee actually received more than 80 million votes they wouldn't have more troops occupying Washington, DC than Lincoln had defending the city during the Civil War. Not Joe Biden, Kim Jung Biden.
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