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Default New poll stuffed with 'bad news' for Biden, Democrats

New poll stuffed with 'bad news' for Biden, Democrats

"The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll, released Wednesday, is filled with "bad news" for President Biden and congressional Democrats after a rough couple of months for the party.

Biden, who has seen his approval numbers dip in many surveys, especially after the United States' chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, hit his lowest mark in this particular poll since he entered the White House, while his disapproval numbers reached their highest point so far.

Voters have also increasingly come to think that Biden and Democratic lawmakers have failed to live up to expectations. Biden was hit with a 12-point jump from June in terms of respondents who believe he has achieved less than they expected. For congressional Democrats, the overall number was just six points higher than last time, but it leaps to 13 when zeroing in on Democratic voters.

Perhaps most worrisome for the party, though, is the fact that congressional Republicans have closed the gap in the generic ballot to just 1 point."

Any self respecting Libertarian/Republican/Conservative doesn't respond to any of the Marxist polls, which makes this result all the more negative fer China Joey gasbag, Nasty Nancy, n' Chuck U Schumer... burp...
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