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Default Re: Stop Blaming Biden for Afghanistan. He's Cleaning Up Trump's Mess

Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
And in the early 1960's, it was debatable whether Germany or Japan would become stable democracies. Unfortunately, nation building takes a long term concerted effort that was never even contemplated in either Afghanistan or Iraq. A massive failure of leadership from both sides of the aisle.

If we weren't going to make the commitment, we should have just bombed them back to the stone age and left.
German democracy had shallow roots, and in Weimar's unstable atmosphere political parties emerged that aroused and exploited an "us and them" world-view, offering simple solutions that promised to restore Germany to great-ness. Some will read this too-brief sketch of the Weimar years and find a reflection of the United States today.
Invoking History in Today’s Politics (2016)
Omicron has fueled even more COVID-19 misinformation as scientists wait to learn more
"The data takes a few weeks, whereas the conspiracies are there immediately,"
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