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Default Re: Online misinformation 'killing people,' President Joe Biden says

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
WH press secretary Jen Psaki proudly announced the WH is working with Facebook to censor whatever it deems as misinformation. Psaki later added that all social media platforms should follow suit by censoring the WH declared misinformation.

This corruption of social media into an instrument of Bidenís authoritarianism is a direct violation of the first amendment. The government is not allowed to use others to perform censorship it cannot do itself. Defenders of social media plutocrats censorship as a private property right naively assumed it wasn't driven by the Democrats it served uniformly. The glib excuse only emboldened the Biden administration to brazenly engage in full blown censorship.
ok I listened to the whole thing and didn't see where she said the govt is censoring; in fact quite the opposite, but feel free to check my source I have posted for you here and give us the time so we can view your evidence:

The IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%. Meanwhile, the richest 1% have been able to evade as much as $163 billion a year in taxes. These things are directly connected.
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