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Default Re: Washington's football team

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
"Senator" Cheney was stripped of her leadership position by vote of the House Republican caucus after the Republican party in her home district voted to censor her. She retained her committee assignments and has agreed to join Nancy Pelosi's lynching party supposedly investigating the Capitol incursion.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Green was stripped of her committee assignments by the Democrat House caucus. That's right, in a display of arrogance and dictatorial hubris House Democrats declared themselves in charge of Republican committee assignments. Itís the same stupid Democrat maneuver that led them to discard the filibuster for judicial appointments. No doubt Democrats will scream when the Republicans exercise the same veto power over committee assignments after they take back the majority.
The difference in the two congress women is Marge is a rabble rouser who is making a fast buck off the pain she's causing her own constituents, while Cheney, a respected senior member of her party, was thrown under a bus named Cult-ville.
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