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Default Re: NFL pledges to halt 'race-norming,' review Black claims

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
But it seems AZ is right on this point.
From my growing understanding, “Critical Race Theory" and "Social Justice" are offshoots or side cars of marxist ideology.
The origin and the structure of it, with the so-called dominant group that needs to be dislodged from power. And the idea of the society being transformed into a flat economy and social structure where everyone has THE same things and are in the same place socially and economically, so called "equity" . Rather than the traditional libertine view of equal opportunity, equal access and treatment under the law for everyone on an open and fair playing field.

the difference in the views is profound. with the CRT and Social Justice POV being based in a Marxist ideal and IMO taken to a weirder place.
At least with regular Marxism you have some real standards of wealth and ownership of the upper and lower classes. the "peasants" and "gentry" , the so-called "Proletariat”, "Bourgeoisie" and the like.
At least there's a somewhat clear and real economic distinction that can be made with classic marxism.

CRT and Social Justice seem to base everything in race and gender theories. Which somehow makes ALL white men (the super rich, the dirt poor and even criminally unjustly treated white men) the MAIN problem. While at the same time mudding and redefining... on the fly... what "race" and gender are.

it's very weird , even in classical marxism there was a traditional ANTI racist component. where it was taught that ALL the lower classes are "brothers and sisters". There was the idea that "Race" was a tool of the upper classes used to keep “the workers/people” down. that's one reason why African Asian Euro and South American Communist could work together against upper classes. unite for the revolution. It's one aspects that some western leaders feared. Because during the early 20th century it WAS one of the most powerful ideologies that allowed people to quickly reframe race relations. And it WAS a problem for "the establishment" who HAD used race to divide the work force and people for easier economic and political control of the lower classes.

But seems to me that CRT and Social Justice are barely even based in reality.
Seems they simply scoop off a few real negative historical facts and then paint a bizarro picture of the world that they want everyone else to live in.

Everyone really needs to take a closer look before drinking the CRT and "Social Justice" kool-aid.
Why is it that we don't spend more time highlighting the incredible things that black folks have done, and are doing at this time?

We hear people screaming that because of racism blacks don't have a chance, but the fact is, they have excelled in all facets of life. I would have thought that Ben Carson would have been the poster child for all blacks to see what someone from the projects was able to accomplish. But instead blacks and Democrats ran him through the wringer, and treated him like he was some horrible person. I always watch Charles Payne on Fox business, he had a childhood similar to Carson, he wanted to work on Wall Street but everyone told him he couldn't cause he was black, I have a feeling that millions of black kids are told that same crap every day. Am I wrong? If a kid, any kid, is told from birth that he has the deck stacked against him, he will struggle through life if he believes it. Kids tend to follow in the footsteps of the role models they are around, Good, and Bad.
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
- William F. Buckley
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