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Default Re: Ted Cruz: This is the Democrat bill that will let illegal immigrants and felons v

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Not let you register, automatically register everyone to vote when they get a driver's license. Of course that includes states that issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens. But wait, anyone who signs up for welfare or applies for college admission or almost any government interactions gets automatically registered. Of course every government agency is going to screen for eligible voters, right?

Once the voting rolls are bloated with ineligibles who cannot be removed thanks to Democrats ballots will be shotgunned out to everyone then collected by activist vote helpers. It's the old corrupt Chicago ward system regularized and promoted to a national system.
In order to obtain a dr lic you have to show tons of id especially if you never had one in that state. that should take care of it. I mean you don't expect 16 year olds to vote because they got their dr license right?
But I agree I think a box you check and/or the dmv guy asking you if you'd like to register to vote would seem more logical than automatic anything.
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